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Completely random

Well, Morguhn came home Monday with a cotton ball taped to a vein. When I said "What'd they do, arterial gases?" he said, "Isotropes."

Been there. Today his surgeon scheduled him for knee surgery December 1--so I guess all is well.

I have no voice. My students have to put their ears about 18 inches from my mouth to hear me. That wasn't a problem in my computer assisted class--actually forced me to come up with something that turned out to be pretty effective--but lord only knows what I'm going to do at noon in my EN 099 class. Depending on attendance, I might let them go early. I suspect half of them won't be there anyway since we're looking at a long weekend.

Going to make boulliabase (sp) for dinner--don't have time to make bread, but Price Chopper has this Olive and Rosemary boule that's pretty good and should be a nice compliment.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see a movie. Torn between Serenity, Wallace and Gromit, Good Night and Good Luck, and History of Violence. Probably will pick GN&GL since it's the only one the other two haven't said they want to see. Depending on football matchups, might talk the boy into Serenity on Sunday. The rest of life is trying to find the house and grade papers. Geez--the 'Skins are undefeated. Next thing you know, the Cubs will make the World Series.

We need a live in housekeeper who will work for food. Must be tolerant of violent mood swings, be willing to accomodate 3 different temperaments, and crazy work schedules. Weekends off. Fringe benefits: infinite puppy and kitty cuddles. Must be bonded. Send resumes and 3 references to: Desperate in West Winfield.


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Oct. 7th, 2005 02:33 pm (UTC)
Revenge of the Were-Rabbit!!!!
But that's just my opinion.

Oct. 8th, 2005 04:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Revenge of the Were-Rabbit!!!!
Rowan would KILL me if I saw that before her. I'm going to try to kidnap her next Saturday for the earliest show so she can see it before she goes to "Would you like fries with that" job, and so I can actually see it in the theatre!
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