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Public Service Announcement

Please Cross-post or share this information as seems good to you, especially those of you in Ansteorra, East, Ealdormere, Mid, West, etc.

With the kind permission of Their Sylvan Majesties Maynard and Liadain, a Fete in Honor of the Life of Morguhn Sheridan, Dragon of AEthelmearc, will be held at this coming Pennsic War, in AEthelmearc Royal Encampment, on Sunday, August 2, starting at dark and going until we stagger home.

The talents of anyone who wishes to assist in this undertaking as bard, cook, or brewer/vintner should contact Meirwen uerch Owein, Duchess and Viscountess by the hand of Morguhn Sheridan, at condessa99@gmail.com.

It will be a night of laughter and tears, song and silliness as we celebrate a man whose life was filled with all four--often with a sword in hand.