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Duke Morguhn Sheridan Memorial Tournament

Please feel free to cross-post:

Duchesses Rowan de la Garnison and Meirwen uerch Owein happily announce that the Duke Morguhn Sheridan Memorial Tournament will be held Saturday, September 12, at Summer's End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve.

The tournament will be a weapons proficiency tournament, with individual winners for each form list (sword and shield, single weapon, pole arm/long weapon, and two weapon) and an overall champion. Every entrant is required to bear the favor of his or her inspiration in the tournament and to show the favor to the Mistress of the Lists to register. You do not have to identify the giver of the favor.

The tournament will be held, rain or shine. Come! "Fight for the honor, and fight for the glory...Fight with your heart...."

Why, some might ask, in Beau Fleuve. There are many reasons. He was crowned there, he stepped down there, he received his Pelican there. And Summer's End, 2008, was the last event he attended. He had a wonderful day of fighting and friendship. Let us do the same, this year.