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Finally the weekend

Made it! I thought this week would never end.

Got fresh nails this afternoon, hit the grocery store (got some yummy looking sole to put lobster stuffing in--tomorrow will be Jimmy Dean sausage (hot) and pecan raisin bread). If this is sounding food obsessed it's probably because yesterday I had a sausage McMuffin, cottage cheese, some fruit, and a doughnut for my entire food consuption. The day before was a doughnut, a Luna bar (Chai Tea), and 10 crackers with pieces of cheese. No, not a plan. No, not healthy. Just what's been.

Tonight is Firefly and time to just sit in the same room with my husband, trying to stay awake so we can actually talk to each other. He was in bed when I got home last night (11:25), went to bed just after I got home Wednesday (10:45), was at practice Tuesday until after 11. Monday, yeah, I think I saw him Monday. Tomorrow he goes over to fix the garage opener for the woman who inspires me to think "May God grant you every happiness on the other side of the planet from me and mine." Sigh. That's okay--I'll probably be bunkered in my office grading papers and writing tests. (And feeling guilty about not going to the BoD meeting an hour and a half from my house.)

But tonight is telly, food, and boy. Twill be good.