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It will come as a shock to many that the last two nights saw me to bed before midnight, asleep before midnight. This is, to say the least, rare. The Boy would be/is stunned. But I am the better for it.

Unlike most weekends Duchezz is gone, when I move to the big bedroom where the dogs normally sleep, I moved their kennels into my room, which is warmer, especially with my little oil filled friend warming things. They seem to have slept well, too, perhaps because they were warm.

Today is grading, football, and then, with luck, meeting up with Den and Julie for dinner.

As I was watching CBS Sunday Morning today there was an ad for a new Rod Stewart CD--this one is soul standards, not torch standards. I find myself wondering what it is about his voice that makes it seem possible for him to engage in these "experiments" with some measure of success. He doesn't have a very good voice, but his forays (as opposed to Mr. Dylan's), usually have some measure of "listenability." Hmmmm.

On the same show there was a teaser for next week's show, which I am currently scheduled to miss. I am, on many levels, unhappy about that, based on the teaser, but, for now, I have the following comments: "Robin--please. It's okay to pretend you aren't bald, but it is not okay to pretend you aren't at the stage of having grey hair. And, for what it's worth, your hair was NEVER that dark. You can afford a good toupée --just get one, 'kay?

And boys, really. Rethink this. Unless what you want is for all of us to hurt as much as you do that Mo is gone, find a way to do the music without that huge gaping hole in the harmonies. Please. You know I love you. Just do it, 'kay?"

Alright. Time to make the red marks.