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Small Triumphs

1) Surprising my *sister* at her bakery in Fort Edward and having a couple of lovely hours with her, her sweetie, his son, and their amused and bemused employee Edward.

2) Exercising some (though not much) self-control as the cider doughnuts were put onto the trays.

3) Surviving Crossgates and finding the prezzie we weren't able to get at a similar establishment in Syracuse on Thursday.

4) Slow-cooker recipe a success (beef, whole berry cranberry sauce, onion). Next time will add a touch of horseradish. Would be especially yummy on Heidlberg Bakery rolls, topped with Momma Stamberg's cranberry relish. Yum.

5) Finishing the novel the wonderful wyz_azz loaned me back in August. In four days. Go me! (We'll just ignore those 4 months it sat waiting for me to get to it, shall we?)

6) Not killing any of the stoopid-hedz.