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Le sigh.

So, my little darlings are madly typing away. Some of them actually on the assignment they're supposed to be doing. Of the 18 students in class, 4 dropped (mostly money, one p.o.). One wrote in sick, during class--I'm not sure whether to give him points or not, but at least he'd looked at the assignment (it's a CAI class, so their assignments are on-line, but the class meets like a regular bricks and mortar class). Eight of the remaining 13 students are actually present. Three of those had the assignment done. One tried to snowball me, two "forgot" their drafts. The rest are writing their papers. Half the grade for the project comes from having stuff in when it's due, half is the grade for the paper itself. How the hell do they think they can pass with less than 50%? [Their compliance level, or lack of it, is why I can do this in class, because

One just left because he "has to go"--a friend popped in (can you believe it) and now "he has to go."

The killer is, about half of my deadbeats are nice kids. Why don't they go and work at McDonald's for a couple of years until they're ready for higher education?

(This is going to start like a tangent, but it isn't). We don't get NBC, but my clock radio has a TV band, so I can listen to it. So I tuned in NBC at 8 o'clock Sunday night, tuned the TV to NBC so I could watch these ghostly images that I was able to translate into Forrest Sawyer, Jimmy Smits, and Alan Alda. (I mean, how could I miss it--how often is tv live????)

So, I listened to the Vinick-Santos debate. All politics aside, all snide remarks about the weaselly gutless wonders we have in the real U.S. state and national government in abeyance for the moment, Vinick (Alda) said something so wonderful I wanted to kiss him. They were talking about education and he said that America needs to stop thinking, and therefore mandating, that everyone needs to have a college degree. As he said, airlines need qualified plane mechanics--they don't need a college degree. There are plumbers making a better living than engineers, and doing great work, and they don't need a college degree.

This country is so f***ed up. And the really sad bit, is, overall, we've probably got it as least as right as anybody else.