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Umm, not so new, akshully

So, the 'verse is atwitter with news that J. Michael Straczynski (known to some of us as "The Great Maker") in his reboot of that DC staple Wonder Woman has approved/encouraged a re-design. To wit:

From this

to this

But, really, this is not so earth-shattering for me. One of the comic books I followed passionately in my youth was The New Wonder Woman. When, after coming back from counseling at summer camp to find that my mother had thrown out my old comic books it was the Thors and the entire series of Wonder Woman that caused me to stop speaking to my mother for more than a week. Really--she collected baseball cards. You'd think she'd "get" it. But I digress.

My current point is that I'm not so offended by the re-boot as some. Perhaps the following images show why.

Hey--they made Green Lantern a Black guy, killed Superman (and brought him back), assasinated Captain America, and in Camelot 3000 they made Tristan and Isolde lesbian lovers. This is nothin'!