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Okay, one--Windows sucks.

So, now I'm in the land of the blue screen of death. There is no death in Mac land, but nooooooo, MVCC is part of the great flawed mindmeld of Gates.

Anyway, I came back from class to pack up my laptop, and there it is, the blue screen of death.

So, I reboot, as suggested (no, I hadn't installed any new software *that I know of*).

System checks 1, 2, 3 says everything fixed.
Reboot, get login (successful) get desktop, virus check, pointer. Pointer no do nothin--moves, no response to mouse clicks.

New blue screen of death (not new, rerun).

So, I boot "Last previous good config blah, blah blah." Well, since this post goes on you can imagine how well that went.

So, try booting in "Safe Mode"

Get many lines of white letters on black ground.
Nothing else happens. I wait three of four minutes. Shut down in disgust. Go upstairs to happy Mac land. Google "Safe Mode." Indications are that what I saw is not what is supposed to happen.

Did I mention our IT dept. has left??? (I get out of class after 5). Left until next week! Did I mention I need the damn laptop to f***ing work Wednesday-Sunday this week?



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Nov. 23rd, 2005 01:09 pm (UTC)
i love mac land it is so much less hassle
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