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The weekend so far

So, yesterday was errands, dinner with chosen family, things accomplished (thanks to chosen family), and generally a really good day. Ro arranged for Darius to stay over, giving us a happy child-fix, and giving my brother and his lady some child-free time. Everyone won.

Until I went upstairs to go to bed.

Who knew that moving a curtain from out of the front of the fan could have such dire consequences? In turning away from the window, pivoting on the leg that has for the last 38 years done 90% of the work in supporting me, moving me, etc., the same leg whose hip and knee joints have been seriously grumpy for the last month, apparently I "did something" contrary to the preferred physics of that limb. While saying out loud, "Oh, that's not good" I managed to stumble to the bed, and having already taken all the meds I could, I just crawled in and hoped for the best.

Not much sleep happened, because, well, there was this pretty intense pain thing going on whenever I moved. When I got up this morning it quickly became evident that anything other than being fairly stationary, with hips and legs at the horizontal, wasn't very wise.

The good news is I've managed to get a good chunk of the book I'm currently reading done, and I was able to knit yet another dishcloth (which we desperately needed since the last time I knit one was before Morguhn died).

In a few minutes I'll watch the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, then head to bed. With any grace, tomorrow I will be able to get back to my regularly scheduled life. At least, as my friend Angus said, "It is Sunday, when we are encouraged to live as our dogs do--sleeping, eating, and getting our tummies skritched."

In my case the tummy skritching looked a lot more like watching Harry Potter and Star Trek movies, but it works for me!



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May. 29th, 2011 09:07 pm (UTC)
I hope you are feeling better soon. Lounging in bed because you want to, is one thing, but because you have to is not nearly as much fun. Be safe.
May. 30th, 2011 09:52 am (UTC)
we missed you yesterday. Hope you feel better soon. You are welcome to use our hot tub if you can survive the trip. I know an hour and a half in a car is not good pain wise. but the offer stands, no time restraints.
Gentle hugs
Boris, Mary, Jacob
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