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The die has been cast

So, today I bought a tent. First one in ... a while. I had a small canvas tent that a friend made about 18 years ago, but it was early in her tent-making career and...not a success.

So I bought a little Coleman. Eight by ten footprint, 6' at center. My twin size bed/airmattress, a chair, a small table, and what few things I'll need for 5 days at Pennsic should all fit. I'm a bit concerned about cover--may need to see if I can get some sort of structure over it. Probably a ground tarp. Most importantly, I can do it myself (if the box is to be believed).

I won't be bringing a stove or anything, and will rely on the food court, Odyssey coffee, and my friends to make sure I don't starve. I'll be fine.

I suppose I should pre-reg now.

Oh look! A chicken!!


Jun. 4th, 2011 06:33 pm (UTC)
Oy! Back on track, lady!