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Tuesday afternoon

So it isn't raining, thus I should muck about with plants and dirt, but seem to be severely compromised in the motivation department. Had to guilt myself into going to see Green Lantern this afternoon, when all I really wanted to do was to come home, eat myself into a coma, and read.

I'm sure the lethargy will pass (it damn well better!), but it's really annoying. Seriously. If I decide to waste a day because I'm going to do something useless because I want to I can live with that quite easily. But if I waste a day because I'm listless I have no patience with myself.

So now I'm listless, lethargic, and annoyed. Yeah. That's better. Not.

Edit one hour after original post:

So, forced myself to set up little potting area on the porch. Got three containers done when it started to rain, thus making anything else moot. Inside now. Have pug. Have book. Getting beverage. Still listless, but less lethargic and annoyed. I'll put that in the plus column.