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burning the midnight oil

Graded until a bit after 10, so brain is too active to let me sleep.

Took Lady Croft in to fix her startup issues, and fix the rear wiper. They also found a balljoint issue. Who knew replacing all sparkplugs and wires, and replacing a balljoint, would come to roughly the same as fixing the rear wiper. So I politely declined their nearly $800 services and just had them do the plugs and wires. Next paycheck I'll do the balljoint. Tires before the snow flies. And then I must get the wiper fixed sinnce the snow sticks there so badly.

*sigh* All this, plus the fuel bill, means sticking pretty close to home for the foreseeable future, and probably a pretty sparse Christmas. But others have it far worse than I.

Okay. _Terra Nova_ is doing an impersonation of Hitchcock's _The Birds_. Where's Rod Taylor when you need him?



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Oct. 5th, 2011 12:08 am (UTC)
oops, that was me, and I forgot to copy & paste. need sleep now- love you!
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