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And the list goes on

Elaine Gjertsen
Caitlin Deirdre
Roen Marie de Lacy
Colleen B------(privacy requested)
Joan Goodfellow
Robin Hackett
Lindy Cirigliano
Ellis Searles
Mary Anne Wilkey
Lorna Czarnota
Laura Canfield
Jane Waks
Tami Crane
Linda Blowney
Barb Mezick
Lisa Smith

I started doing the Walk for the Cure because of Elaine. I wish, though, I didn't have quite so many other reasons.

Still, I take some comfort that eight of these women can still answer my emails, and 7 of those are 3+ year survivors. Nonetheless--looks like I need to find more Walks for the Cure and get my shoes on.

Love you, Linda! You can beat this. For real.



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Nov. 22nd, 2011 09:30 am (UTC)
Thank you, my love. I was thinking about your walking over the weekend, and it made me happy.

I was also thinking about The Boss, and how he could make even a woman who might have to lose her breasts believe that she was beautiful.

I will hold onto both of these thoughts.
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