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Revelation (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, #8)Revelation by Karen Traviss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Karen Traviss is moving towards the top of the list of tie-in authors I enjoy.

This pentultimate volume in the Legacy of the Force series has battle scenes written in such a way that I kept responding almost as one does watching an athletic contest, with little involuntary gasps, head ducks, exclamations of "Yes!" or "Duck!" and cheers of triumph as well-placed shots careened down the nozzle of plasma cannons provoking massive explosions obliterating whole Star Destroyers. Just thinking about it brings me back to the heat of battle.

But she doesn't just get the battles right--she is able to, with spare language, reveal complex characters, and complex motivations. And this volume is complex, examining the question of to what extent the personal motivations for an act determines the moral consequences for the actor--whether or not the intent and the result of the act is to create good for others. Motivation and intention are very different things, something that often is forgotten. Traviss doesn't let us.

I was sorry when this volume ended.

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