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Christine Falls (Quirke #1)Christine Falls by Benjamin Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a bleak, bleak book. That said, I really enjoyed it.

I've read a number of books lately all set between 1920 and 1960--it's apparently a trend right now, and I must say I'm reveling in it. The protagonist is a flawed, broken detective (aren't they all), and the supporting characters are everything from megalomaniacal to ingenue. Each, with the possible exception of one of the villains, feels real and possible.

Set in an Ireland that has more of Dubliners and Angela's Ashes than An Irish Country Doctor or Born in Fire, this isn't a book for someone looking for sunshine, brogues, and a happy cuppa tay. It's grey, and grim, and sad. But the author has created people I'm glad to have met, and who I'll seek out again.

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