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The Goldsmith's Daughter (Roger the Chapman, #10)The Goldsmith's Daughter by Kate Sedley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's been a long time since I've read any of the Roger the Chapman books, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy them. I need to go back and find the ones I haven't read (5-6 by my count), and there are more after this.

I like middle-class Roger's take on the world of late 15th century England, and I like how Sedley spools out her mysteries. She doesn't have the complex world of Sharan Newman or Candace Robb, let alone C.J. Sansom--in fact her books are far more like those of Ellis Peters or Margaret Frazer. But sometimes I don't want something so complex, and Sedley's careful enough with historical details to keep me happy, with characters I feel engaging.

But, I must confess, part of the attraction is her sympathetic portrayal of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Yes, I'm one of those.

So, Roger, I apologize for my long absence. I'll try not to be gone so long next time.

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