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Oh, look...a chicken!

I've mostly been spending my electronic time on tablets or smartphones of late, and those do not lend themselves to this forum, so I've been absent for the most part. Still here, boys and girls.

*Oh, look--Boreananz still isn't good looking.*

Things in the big house in the valley are...chaotic. Since my course got cancelled the summer income got cut by 1/3. Ouch! And I just got the oil bill for the coming year. Mega-ouch. And there's the trying to clean out, clean up, etc. so we can bring a realtor in, which is "back ouch!"--or would be if I could get motivated.

*Really? Red 2? Oh well--it has the fabulous Helen with firearms: I'll probably see it. Eventually.*

I'm having a serious problem with focus. I have 6 awesome books going at the moment, yet I seem to find myself spending more time doing stoopid hidden object games than reading. I need to get going on the Fall courses, but whenever I think about doing that something really critical comes up--like researching the flying speed of swallows. I would really like to finish at least one of the pairs of socks I've got started so I could start the shawl, but, well, suddenly it seems really important to reprogram the Favorites list on the TV menu.

*Did you know that apparently old barn lumber is valuable in various sizes, and that cutting them out of a dilapidated barn creates interesting viewing angles?*

So, this weekend is a memorial service for a wonderful man, a birthday party for one of my favoritest peoples, and a graduation party for a cherished young man, who one week later leaves for boot camp in Oklahoma. And the Duchezz leaves for NYC Saturday morning. So, no trip to Rochester or Buffalo for me this weekend. I'll go to the grad party on Sunday, and call it good.

*The Olive Garden going up on Commercial Drive has its signage! Maybe open soon!! Yes, dozens of wonderful Italian restaurants in Utica, all of which serve some variation of Calabrian cuisine. It will be nice to have other options, even if courtesy of Darden Corp.*

Last week was lovely on a variety of levels. Tracey and I finally got our spa day. She didn't listen to me, and scheduled me for a massage. I felt sorry for the poor guy, but he worked within my restrictions, and I have to admit that my left leg (the one that does 80% of the work of moving me around and holding me up) felt wonderful afterwards. Of course, I ate too much food with fats and salts (the two primary components of commericial food establishments, regardless of status) despite my attempts to be sensible, but it was a lovely getaway. Then we had guests come to our house Sunday and that was wonderful. Tried out some new sides recipes, and one was a huge hit. So, there's that.

*Hmmmm. Maybe Man of Steel*

Well, it's raining again. Reasonably dry around the house (we had some flooding earlier this week, but nothing serious), but if it's raining further north the Unadilla could rise, and that would make things challenging.

*Oh, look, hummingbird!*

Yeah--concentration. I wonder what that would be like.



Jun. 30th, 2013 12:49 pm (UTC)
*Oh, look--Boreananz still isn't good looking.*


But sometimes we do not need to focus. We can't focus all the time!
Jun. 30th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
I thought that would get your attention. *wink*
The truth is, he doesn't make my cut for facial aesthetics. It doesn't stop him from being reasonably attractive, but sometimes when they do close-ups, or reverse cuts in dialog scenes, I find myself thinking "he's really not very good looking." I have a fairly broad range, he just doesn't fall in mine.

I finished one of the books yesterday, so maybe the engine is getting back on track. Three weeks of ADD is a new record for me, and I'm ready for it to be over!