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In which our heroine muses....

Interesting weekend after weeks of financial hell.

First, the hell. For August and September my paychecks were fiddled with as the college compensated for multiple payroll miscalculations. In October the College finally paid me and five of my colleagues the compenation agreed upon for violating our contract for 3+ years. I got a tidy chunk of change that I thought would be enough to A) get the car fixed, B) get some dental work done, C) pay some bills, and D) leave enough that going to Italy with the college in May would be possible. Turns out, getting the car fixed took 85% of it, leaving just enough to bring all bills up to current status. Car repairs alone took nearly $4500. But, as Stephanie said when I left, I should only need to see you now for oil changes and tire rotation.

Now to the interesting weekend. I went to Grand Chapter for the first time ever (in Binghamton this year, which is why it was close enough to even attempt). It was fun, fsv of "fun," and I was only there for the last 36 hours. But I got to see what it was like, spend a little money, spend quality time with Jane Ireland, Keith and Joanne Pope, and met some interesting people. I'm not sure how much traveling I'll be doing with RW Loie A. Hodge, Commissioner of Appeals, NY East, over the next two years, but I'm sure it will be some, so I'll see them again I hope. And I agreed to do a fairly major job in Spring of 2015 when Joanne needs to take a year off from it since Keith will be Grand Potentate for Shrine as well as Commander for Scottish Rite.

Came home on Sunday and watched my Bears lose to the Redskins (in a game where, for a change, it was our defense who let our offense down--clearly, we have moved into an alternate universe), graded papers, and graded papers, and--oh yeah--, graded papers.

And, just to make everything complete, as I was pulling out of Binghamton the "Check Engine" light came on.



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Oct. 21st, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
I knew the alternate universe kicked in when the JETS beat the Patriots.
Oct. 21st, 2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
1 You can stop at an ADAP or any good auto parts store, and see about the "Check Engine Light" and what it means.
2 You can stay at our place when you're headed for parts Albanyish. Ro has a key IIRC.

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