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Sundry "nuggets" from the day:

1. Supernatural is misogynistic, has no strong women, and Grimm restructures fairy tales with originally strong female characters so that the women "need rescuing." And Once Upon a Time has strong women, but only in the pursuit of restoring "family" and once that is accomplished we're to understand they will return to a more conventional, post-feminist position.

2. Gemma Teller is a groundbreaking feminist figure, blending strength and sexuality in heretofore unseen ways in a female character.

3. Shit Girls Say is clearly a post-feminist misogynist series, and the protestations of the white homosexual male writers and artists behind the series that they are "allies" of straight women and that they've carefully made sure that it is not insulting to women is at best self-deceiving and at worst a rhetorical smokescreen using terms like "irony" to disguise an actual attack on women.

4. Mad Men's female characters, and the series itself, parody the era of the series, and finally, in season five, we see that Peggy is becoming Don.

5. Inside and other "social media" films are redefining the notion of film "authorship."

6. Daniel Craig's James Bond as predator drone. Oh, and Skyfall is the best James Bond movie. (And Craig's Bond isn't anything like the first two Connery Bonds. Not at all.)

7. J.J. Abrams's Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and Thor are all conscious reworkings and deliberate critiques of GW Bush's attempts to revenge/salvage/build on his father's term as POTUS.

8. Star Trek (each iteration, with a problematic exception of the Abrams reboot) is a return to the Medieval principles of temperance, with each of the four humors clearly represented by one of the primary characters.

9. Myst and Bioshock are Steampunk; Steampunk is an aesthetic, not an era.

10. Downton Abbey's philosophy is a conservative one, not a "closed" conservatism--more progressive and reformist.

11. The domestic architecture of the two Mrs. Draper's both parodies the time period and illuminate the characters of the controlling image of the characters.

12. Role of media in the popularity of Downton Abbey, and difference in traditional PBS audience to the series and the digital generation's "viewing" experience/modalities (while acknowledging the popularity of the series across both demographics).

13. "Semiotic" interpretation of "Passions of the Draper," focusing on "The Gold Violin" (Ep. 207) picnic scene.

14. Legal issues regarding Fan Fiction, Fan Labor, copyright, trademark, and the My Little Pony/Hasbro relationship with fan products.

15. Cognition and Fan Fiction, using as place markers the Lady Catherine de Borugh stories on the Republic of Pemberley fan fiction site.

16. Fan fiction as device for creating confidence in ELA classes, middle-school through undergraduate, focusing on feedback to authors examples from fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org of the hierarchy of peer response (SPAG commentary, cultural authenticity, and creativity).

*1. I can't speak to Grimm, and I agree OUaT has a problematic relationship with the question of female power. RE: Supernatural: Pamela Barnes, Ellen, Jo, Jody Mills, Annie Hawkins,Charlie Bradbury, Meg....

*2. Victoria Barkley. Jus' sayin.'

*3. Clip reminded me of nothing more than Catherine Tate's performance as Donna Noble in "The Stolen Earth" or any of the other clips of Donna while not a companion.

*4. Really? I knew Peggy was an XX Don in season one. You really didn't know until season 5?

*5. Just new version of "found footage" and/or using actor improvisation. As long as the director and editor have final control, authorship has not been redefined.

*6. Yeah. Um. Well, the predator drone analogy is interesting and worth exploring, especially within the context of the paper. Skyfall is NOT the best Bond film, and anyone who denies Craig's debt to the ruthless Connery Bond of the early films ... never mind. I forgot about that whole male fantasy thing that every man I know from Bruce to Morguhn was afflicted with to the point of drooling stupidity.

*7. How can you talk about the persistent Western literary motif of the father-son dynamic, and then, without any citation of evidence of deliberate intent, claim that Abrams, Favreau, and Branaugh all DELIBERATELY were doing a polemic on the Bush administrations? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

*8. Ignores the sanguine nature of Vulcans and the deliberate imposition of phlegmatic behaviors as an attempt to balance, which would remove any conflict with the reboot. Also fundamental problem with the way the humours exercise is used in the classroom setting as self-identification of temperament using the prescriptions for students is a contradiction of the philosophical ground.

*9. Re: video games--really? Okay. And, yeah, aesthetic, not era. Somewhat disturbed that Neal Stephanson is both cyber and steam. Explains my ambivalence. And still hate Map of the Sky.

*10. Yeah. Whatever.

*11. Yeah. Well, I know Zoe. Not. News. Chicky. Not convinced about the parody part, though. I lived it. Looks pretty legit to me--parody, by definition, is exaggerated.

*12. Chicken/egg. And the difference in consumption methodology is...interesting, but not as interesting as you make it sound. Family gathered around watching television together and talking over what they're seeing, as has happened frequently throughout home entertainment epochs, isn't all that different from texting, tweeting, and Facebooking during a show about the show. I do find live chats with performers/creators problematic, but not peer-to-peer.

*13. Interesting scene. Not THAT interesting.

*14. I. Hate. Lawyers. He was pretentious, pedantic....and part of the My Little Pony fanfic/product producing demographic. Really--how FU can you get? Yes--I'm judging him. It was the last session of the day and my patience was at an all-time low. I thought. The social put it right through the floor, but, well, that's another story. For another time.

*15. My favorite presentation of the day. She's very smart. I wish the ultimate focus in the work she's doing now wasn't on fanfiction subversions of the source matter (slash, femslash, and others). She's also written this.

*16. Problematic, given the grey area fanfiction inhabits in terms of infringement.

Soooooo. Head 'splody now. Time to power-down the grey matter, but unfortunately no good mindless telly. Fortunately, I have a laptop, and subscriptions to HBOGO, Netflix, and Hulu+.