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Day 2

Lots of "queering" today (applications of "queer theory" [queer theory encompasses any kind of sexual activity or identity that falls into non-normative and/or deviant categories]). Applications to Prometheus, The Tempest(2010) and Prospero's Books (1991), and tangentially to others.

The treatment of disability in Expendable (novel) and the definition and re-definition in the book of "disability" and the utility of the "disabled."

Use of SF in ethics classes regarding the future, particularly biomedical. Premise is that Freeman Dyson is correct: "...the artificial improvement of human being will come..."

World building histories and futures
Focus on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and the ways the cultures preserve memory and build futures by their records/forgetting/altered histories of their past: "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold," The Red Book (and its omissions at the hand of Bilbo), and the "forgetting" in Gondor of Isildur's record of what happened to the One Ring.

Focus on Conan stories and premise of Howard as "world builder" v. evidence that Howard was exploring "ethnology" (as understood at turn of 19th century), and exploration of how that "world" changes/changed as it moved through various properties (comics, movies, games, etc.).

Honors paper on cognition in the performance of Shakespeare inspired by experience as gamer of Mass Effect, the interactive adventure To Be Or Not to Be: That is the Adventure, and contact with metaphor theory and cognition theory (including "Interplay: The Method and Potential of a Cognitive Scientific Approach to Theatre") "Why so serious" as example of how performance and actor cognitions can create 3rd space. Detailed exploration of the soliloquy of II.ii in opening and closing the 3rd cognitive space.

*tangential observations: difference of "management" of male/female session chairs, young male/older male session chairs; Old White Men phenomenon: less by way of questions, more pedantic; domination of male voices in the Shakespeare session despite nearly equal number of male and female attendees; patronizing, skeptical approach to the two female presenters (one student, one tenured professor)

**ideas for papers/presentations
"What About Jo?": exploration of treatment of Jo and Jo-figures in Supernatural
"Exploitation and Marginalization of the Mage-skilled in Elizabeth Moon's Paladin's Legacy series, Al-Quaida, and Muslims in America"