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Sometimes the weird....

So, awhile ago (a couple of weeks--not that long) I sent a friend a link to a page about making a cake. It wasn't the cake recipe itself that was remarkable, it was just that the tone of the blog post, the way it was phrased, the pictures...well, it made me think of her. I could almost hear HER voice doing the little asides, talking about the yummy mouth feel. I wasn't even entirely sure that it was recipe she would want to make, but it made me think of her.

About a week after I sent it, I got a lovely note back, saying she'd been saving it to read because her week had been bad, and she'd been saving it. She thanked me for sending it, told me she missed me.

I've been thinking about her all week. She had a really rough Saturday last week, and I hadn't had a chance to "talk" to her in that way we do, when people are mostly connected via electrons, and finally, today, I had the brain power, and focus, and I wanted to send a reply to her note.

Which has vanished. I've checked every email account, every possible place, and it is just...gone. Given how life has been lately, I'm perfectly willing to believe I hallucinated it all. Sending her a note, her reply...that it's all somewhere is that vast sea of "good intentions" that we all bathe in.

So, I shall attempt to sleep. And tomorrow I will send a note which perhaps will make no sense, but I will send it. Because I love her, and worry about her, and, well, perhaps even in it's incoherence she will feel my love, and taste the "tea," and the simple "cookie." Because it is all I have right now. And that must be enough, until we can sit in the same room again, and share the pot of brewed leaves in cups we can clink together.


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Nov. 17th, 2013 02:08 am (UTC)
(Boy, that was a long explanation.)

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