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Twas the day before Christmas...

The house is somewhat decorated, all due to Duchezz's work--I just wasn't "feeling it" this year. Presents are wrapped (well, except for the ones for the stocking, but that won't take long, and I need the stocking first, and those are in one of a dozen boxes, I don't know which one, and she who does know is upstairs in a hydrocodone fog. They'll wait). Cioppino is on the stove, simmering (early stage long simmer).

For the last couple of weeks Duchezz has been asking me if I want to go to Midnight Mass (except, of course, no one actually does one of those anymore (they're all waaaay too early), except a couple of churches in Utica), and keeps giving me options. I'd about decided we would, if the weather was good, go to Grace Episcopal. It's a gorgeous church (with family history--it was my mom's church before she converted to Catholicism when she married Daddy), Rob goes there, and that's where our fight practice is. But she came home from work because the pain in her neck is so bad it brings tears to her eyes. I'm not asking her to go ANYWHERE.

Part of me wonders if my hunger for church is so clear that she picked up on it, or whether she's looking for something herself. Except the only Christian denomination that even remotely attracts her is Lutheran, and she really is most drawn to Judaism. Going to Mass for her is sort of like watching a play. I don't know.

Tomorrow we'll do presents in the morning, then go to Mike and Maryann's for dinner, stopping at Bruce and Sondra's on the way to pick up our OES gifts that she's been holding for us. They head to Florida Thursday, so it's now or never.

I'm in a strange, unsettled place in my mind and heart, but this song has been going through my head all day, so I think I'll share (sorry about the ad):



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Dec. 24th, 2013 05:09 pm (UTC)
Mary ,Jacob, and myself want you to know that you and Rowan are very much in our hearts this Christmas.gentle hugs to you both.
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