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What the heck?

So, I've wanted an iPad for awhile now, mostly for work. I'd tried using my NOOK as a tablet for meetings, conferences, etc., class, you know--the whole academic thing. But the NOOK is primarily a reading device, at which it works beautifully. I really needed an iPad, especially with the lovely way I can hook one of those into the SmartClassrooms. I put it off and off, but, finally, this year I decided I'd break down--because, really, the most sensible time to do it is when you've just bought a flippin' house. (We'll discuss my money management issues some other time, okay kiddies?)

So, yesterday, I decided it was the day, and since I hadn't been able to make it out to DestinyUSA at all during the summer, it was my last chance before the 30 week cluster-flip that is the school year started. So once I finished the "Convocation Walk-through" that was yesterday morning, I decided I'd get one. AND that I'd drive to Syracuse to the Apple Store to do it, rather than just take the 5 minute drive to Best Buy or Walmart here in town.

So I went to DestinyUSA. Got some lunch, then headed to the Apple store (which was cray-cray, because, "Hello!" dumba$$--back to SCHOOL frenzy). Nonetheless, a lovely, older Apple associate named Stan came to help me. He was charming, unhurried, answered my questions (talking me back from more memory than I'd really need, given the use I intended for the iPad), and all was well. In talking I explained I'd be using it in the classroom, etc. When the time came to settle up, I got a LOVELY surprise. Apparently, the only time my educator discount applies to an iPad is...wait for it...during their "Back to School" sale period. So, I got a discount that wouldn't have applied any other time of the year. Then, on top of it, because it was the sale period, I also got a $50 gift card for the Apple Store. So, because I irresponsibly decided to buy my iPad now...I win! And, because every pay period I put $10 into a special account labeled "Electronics" I was able to buy it mostly for cash, not credit.

So, the universe just patted me on the head a bit, for which I am grateful. Especially since my NOOK is being a bit of a butthead at the moment in terms of battery issues.

In other news, there is still nowhere to sit in the apartment, except the stepladder in the kitchen or the bed. Oh, well.


Aug. 22nd, 2014 12:30 am (UTC)
Glad things worked out!