meirwen (meirwen) wrote,

Not my best

Bills paid. Only one a little late. Except I'm not sure I got a bill. Because of STUPID postal carriers who keep misdelivering mail.

Managed to not flame any of my friends, multiples of whom posted incredibly stupid shit on Facebook. Go me. (No, if you can see this, I don't mean you.)

Have many thinky-thoughts about new house, new life, new patterns. No time yet. Must unpack boxes.

Kitty drama has been…traumatic for kitty and human. I'm hoping we've hit a holding pattern since we readjusted meds. We'll see how he manages with my going to the workshop. I'm cutting it short just in case. No Philly Museum for me this trip. I was really looking forward to going again on Saturday. Oh well. At least there will be dinner with friends.

Still trying to decide how much I miss television. And football. I haven't seen a football game yet this year and it's KILLING me. I want the news, and football, and those just aren't really available without live TV (at least not safely or legally, and I AM my daddy's little girl--he'd drive back to a store if he found out they gave him too much change back).

Okay, time for bed, because tomorrow I still have to clean up, pack, get the rental, and drive to Philly. That part doesn't bother me. It's getting from the outskirts into city center. I've gone down there 3 times now, but only as a passenger. Given that experience, I have NO desire to drive it myself, but, well, that's what's happening tomorrow. Pray for me.
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