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(to be expanded on at a later time)

It's bad that it's two weeks before classes start and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. Meeting today, tomorrow, Thursday, Monday--all before faculty are supposed to be back. And every time I try to draw a line in the sand (with the support of my direct report), someone yanks me over it. I'm already done with semester, and it hasn't even started yet. On top of which it those same committments have eroded all the time I planned to spend researching and doing the first draft of a keynote address I have to give in March. I'm frustrated, tense, and feel that anxiety tightness in my chest that usually hits the second or third week in the semester after I've screwed up a class (session) for the first time that semester and doesn't leave until usually the last week of break. And now, 10 days before that, here it is, fully formed.

Yeah, I know. First world problems. I have a roof, food, job, acceptable level of health for someone 380 days from her 60th birthday. But there's something wrong when after 2 weeks "off" your best friend looks at you and says "You look exhausted."