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Car started after work.
Car started after I saw Jenn.
Car did not start at grocery store.
Triple A sent truck.
Truck took awhile because Kirkland Auto is down to 1 truck since their other one is the one that was hijacked to Allentown and the state, after making them pay to have it towed to Albany, and pay the storage fee, will call them to come and get it "when it isn't evidence any more."

Excuse me, but didn't the guy who hijacked the driver at gun point and forced him to drive to Allentown die in a hail of Federal Marshall's bullets outside of Philadelphia? The truck wasn't part of the jewelry store robbery. Wasn't part of the New Hartford policeman's death.

What the hell do they need to hold onto the truck for?


As an aside, the car is at the garage. News at 11.


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Mar. 12th, 2006 09:23 pm (UTC)
Email me. lyndsey.brown@gmail.com Have a car question for you.
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