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A blanket of roses

The Duchezz, who is out of town at a conference, called last night and reminded the boy to take me somewhere so I could would watch the race today.

He did. Even though I felt crappy, it was lovely. I haven't seen a finish like that since Secretariat won the Belmont.

I don't bet on the horses. A jockey's granddaughter knows that you own racehorses or you ride them: you don't bet on them.

I'm stupid about the Derby, I know. When I don't get to see it, I sulk. I turned the television on for an hour during my own wedding reception so I could watch the race. Don't remember who won, just know I had to watch it, and would have regretted it if I hadn't.

So maybe this year we'll have another one who has the right to roses, and blackeyed susans, and white carnations. It's been awhile.