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Okay, for the record:

When I was a tween some of the best days I ever spent were on ice skates, either at the Colgate rink or freezing my little butt off on the lake in front of the house. One of my best birthday parties was spent on skates, around a big bonfire on the ice, drinking hot chocolate and eating beef stew we'd cooked over the fire.

I could have been in Slapshot--sure, just as an extra, but still...

I grew up 20 miles from a hockey insane town.

My reaction today when I heard the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame was closing?

"So what?"

Never got hockey (sorry fans)--the game is okay, I guess, but the way it's played it seems more like professional wrestling than a sport, and frankly, the wrestlers put more at risk: more bare knuckle, don't you know?

Oh, well. Yet again, out of the cultural loop. I'll try to care later.


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May. 15th, 2006 06:42 pm (UTC)
I enjoy hockey but not enough to get upset over the small loss. If you start to get upset call me and I will talk you down from jumping off a curb and ending it all!
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