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This just in

I'm cross posting this from our household group list. For us, the flood was an annoyance. This is what happened to Her Ladyship Rowena:

I saved the books! I got them all to the 2nd story, just in case.....
I just got back on line - they got my basement pumped out and power back in
yesterday afternoon, and I have spent the day cleaning ruined stuff out of
the basement.
First, I am ok, with just a flooded basement. The Mohawk came within one
house of me. It is _supposed_ to be on the Other Side of the Village, and
even past that, on the Other Side of the Thruway (interstate 90, which they
had to close). It should NOT be on this side of the Thruway (90), then
10, then 8 then 6 then 1 block from my house, much less at the porch of a
house that is attached to my house!
So it is going to be a financial mess for me - it looks like I have lost
both furnaces, and we will see about the water heaters, and no one yet can
look at them, much less my foundation - but it could have been much, much
It beat all the records, going up almost 20 feet.
Fort Plain/|Canajoharie is a mess, and parts are still flooded. The river
and the lock system are a mess - the flood actually blew out parts of the
locks and the dams. INland, the water rushing down to the river caused a
lot of flooding and damage. Most of the grates and underpasses, etc, for
the rains or streams to go under roads (culverts), are filled with sand,
gravel, and rocks that moved from the force of the streams. Many bridges
are undercut so much they are closed for safety. A lot of roads are
undercut or washed out. A couple of roads are going to be abandoned, since
they were on the sides of steep drops to begin with, and there not only is
10 or more feet to the drop from the road, there isn't a road. In those
cases, they have already determined it will probably be impossible to ever
rebuild it.
And we have lost the grocery store, and everything from Agway to the
dollar store. So many small businesses are having to just empty everything
out, and no one knows whether they will be able to be back. there were
houses that had the river going in one side and shooting out the windows on
the other. People and businesses have ruined stuff piled everywhere.
In fact, the local churchis getting rid of all their metal folding
chairs, even the rolling racks they were on, and I couldn't help thinking
that there had to be a SCAdian group somewhere that would want them. But I
have my hands fullwith the mess I made lugging everything to as high as I
could get it, and the mess my basement is in,with the water and sewage in
thank you all for you thoughts. Keep wishing us luck, here, please.
This area really needs it, as well as everything major I might have to
replace in my basement!
But I hold onto the fact that I was lucky, it _could_ have been worse.


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Jul. 4th, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you for posting this.

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