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Koala freedom movement

Last night, according to Rowan, in the period between 6:30 and 10:15 PM I personally am completely responsible for enabling one koala in purgatory to ascend to heaven. This would be a koala who had, as yet, had 0 time knocked off its sentence.

 Personally, I'd rather have helped 4 or 5 short-timers (more is more), but I'll take what I can get. How did I do this? Don't take me there, but let's just say that it involved not killing any number of AARP eligible females dressed in white. Today there probably won't be any movement in the koala liberation efforts as I'm showing part of Forbidden Planet in class, which means my students will have almost no opportunity to make me want to mow them down with a really effective rapid firing, large magazined, fully automatic firearm.

I also saw today that someone has optioned The Dark is Rising series (which the wonderful Katie loaned me awhile back) to put on film. That could be seriously cool (says the Welshophile). We are hoping to have movie orgy this weekend: Kung Foo Hustle, Hitchhiker, and Sunday, after the teeny boppers have thinned out, Kingdom of Heaven. So that's my weekend: when I'm not buried in papers I hope to be in the theatre. Could be worse.