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Rerunning our Tuesday episode:


Only this rerun is clearly from the DVD and is the extended version with the deleted scenes from the original included.

Squish. Squish. Squish.(original)Squishsquishsquishsquish (additions to special DVD edition), plus, for those of you with smellorama, that oh so attractive sopping wet carpet and saturated insulation aroma.

Thank heavens my advising gig is in the Advising Center, and not my office.

A senior faculty member who got flooded for the first time this week already complained to the Union (which I am impressed to learn apparently has weather controlling abilities) and has been moved temporarily to new digs. She needs to just put on her big girl panties and deal with it like a grownup.
Have I mentioned lately that the Duchezz rocks.

Rummaged through the cat destroyed fabric to find what was salvagable, dug out my sewing machine (from under the fallen plaster), vacuumed the sewing room, when all I'd asked her to do was move the heavy stuff so I could do the rest.

Yay Duchezz!

I cut out an undergown (55% linen, 45% rayon, great hand!$3.50 a yd.) and bags for HRM. Took lining out of the raw silk undergown that BEliz made for me (halved the weight, important with my back) so now it is Pennsic worthy (gorgeous gown, red flowers bled onto the white, now perfectly wrecked for Pennsic wear). [Hand stitching the facing while watching Blade: The Series last night reinforced the notion that I must be the slowest hand sewer on the planet. Sigh.]

Now we just have to see how much the water damage screwed with the machine workings. Tomorrow, that is, as I am working today until 7. Yay cash.

SG-1 starts up the new season tomorrow. I still miss Ricky D. Can'tCommit, but new Stargate sans O'Neill is still better than just about anything else that's likely to be on the tube this week.