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Yesterday Duchezz and I went up the Remsen Barn Fest, in the rain. She had to work the OES booth, and I had to work the MV one. And, of course, we shopped. I did the obligatory purchase at the St. David's Society booth (including a really pretty pair of silver Love Spoon earrings), and we got our Adventure Dips and Adirondack Cheese Co. products. Bought vinegars from Tasselberry Farms (Strawberry Balsamic...yum!) And some tchotkes.

Came home with dinner stuff to a ... melancholy dragon. The 'Skins won. The Packers won. Puzzlement.

He'd seen both games. More puzzlement. He was supposed to go to That Creature's house and work on the porch.

He stayed home, vacuumed...

I fear he is mopey about the foot. It is not healing as it should, and causes him a great deal of pain when he wears his wingtips. He's thinking he'll have to get wides (should work, I hope), and he's thinking about getting in armor, clearance or not. I'm not going to lecture him about it. I'll just worry.

And hope it makes the moping stop.

On a completely different note, I'm reveling in the Bears undefeated season. Reveling because it's going to come to a big hairy stop next Sunday night because we're playing Seattle.

We cling to these little triumphs. The rarest of situations happened yesterday: all four of our teams won, the Hamish got a victory, too, and the Browns and Bills fought well and hard.

Wish I knew what was up with the Steelers, though. Broncos pounded the Patriots (yay!--cocky SoB**ches). Now, if Dallas would just crumble, it'd all be mostly good.

(Suddenly, I hear "On, Wisconsin!" playing in my head.) We even were so desperate for television Saturday that we watched some College ball. Wow. We were flipping back and forth between the 'Gators and North Carolina State. Yeah, there's a difference in conferences, and you can just start with tonnage. The NC boys looked like HS JV compared to the Florida monsters. Their play was good, but jeez loueez, lets not let them play together, 'kay?, cause they'll get seriously broke.


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Sep. 25th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC)
Took me a second to figure out what you were talking about....
OES to me is Office of Emergency Services. MV is Motor Vehicles, and should be DMV for Department of Motor Vehicles. Took me a while to figure out that OES was Order of Eastern Star, still haven't figured out what MV is. I'll figure it out eventually.

Needless to say the puzzlement continued.

(Deleted comment)
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